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For nearly 15 years, chocolate has been my SOULMATE. In 2004 I started to burnout working in the education industry and I needed something new – something different.  I didn’t have to look very far to realize that the “something different” was right in front of me.  Chocolate!!  It was ALWAYS right in front of me. I KNEW I had to develop this love and passion and within days I was enrolled at Ecole Chocolat for a graduate program. Here I learned about the science, techniques and truly the art in creating premium chocolate.  Once I received my Professional Credentials it was time to CREATE and CHOCOLATE by DESIGN was born.


Chocolate by Design

To truly savor our chocolate, we want you to place a piece of our chocolate in your mouth.  Don’t chew or swallow it.  Let it sit on your tongue.  Discover its earthy tones, the hints of sweetness, the suggestion of citrus as it melts away.  Leave it to linger.

What feelings are stirred up?  Happiness, euphoria, delight?
For over 12 years this has been our goal…to get our clients to truly take pleasure in this luxury, to emotionally melt into the mindset. That is what makes us happy.  We call this the exercise of tasting chocolate and of course we recommend daily exercise!





We have you covered


Treat yourself, indulge in your temptations, bites, ballotins, bars etc.


Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day and more.


Birthdays, Anniversaries, Grads & Showers, Congratulations.

Private Label

Chocolate bars, corporate gifts, and more –  innovative products and packaging.


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